LIP SCRUB WITH SUGAR. Dead and dull lips will peel off

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Chapped, dry lips? Am here to help you. Don’t ask me how. I’ve just been made to make sure you’re happy
In doubt of me? Well, I have some videos down there. Check me out. BEFORE THAT….
Lip mask rich in vitamin C, an anti-oxidants, berry mix extracts soothes dry n chapped lips, n make them soft n smooth again
I smell Peach : am sweet and smells so delicious you may want to eat me. STOP! am NOT food
I help melts the dead skin cells on your lips. I mean, I gently erases, flaky skin on the lips

1. Supply the lip with moisture and nutrition, soften the skin, fade fine lines, prevent skin from dryness and moisturize lip, make lip ruddier.
2. Contains herbal contents with a lots of Vitamin C.
4. Refreshing feeling with a berry scent.

How to use
*Thoroughly cleanse and dry the lip.
*Open the package and take out the lip mask and apply on the lip.
*Leave the mask on lip for 1-5 minutes.
*Remove the mask and rinse with warm water.
*Apply 2 times a week, best time to use is at night or during weekend rest at home.
*Apply enough amount to cover your lips with your finger or a q-tip.
*Wipe out with a wet towel or just wash with large amounts of water.

*Provides hydration and protection
*Locks in moisture
*Heals cracked and damaged lips
*No overwhelming odor or taste
*Works while you are resting

Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Beewax, Vitamin E, Prunus Davidiana Extract, Copernicia Cerifera Wax, Plukenetia Volubilis.

1 review for LIP SCRUB WITH SUGAR. Dead and dull lips will peel off

  1. Abigail Acquah

    I like that it gives instant results without hurting the skin. It peels and has pepper feeling but after washing, the result is amazing. I highly recommend this item

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