Skin is all we have guys. When we meet people, our skin speaks to them before we even start communicating. do we look sweaty (which implies we are tired) dull or does your pimples, acne, dark spots or any disorder affect you? Follow these simple steps to bring your comfort, happiness back.

1. Build confidence. Protect your skin

Confidence is key. As you continue the journey to a blemish free and even complexion, make sure you have the courage to face your fears and beat it. Most people are shy to put on sun shades, stylish hat to protects their skin from uv rays (sun effect). Wearing protective clothing whenever you’re stepping out and sunscreen (also known as sun protector, sun block, SPF, etc.) will promote a healthy complexion you’ve always desired. Sunscreen protects the sun from harming your skin, so whenever you’re out of the sun, do add it in your bag.

2. Exfoliate

Our skin accumulate lots of dirt, through bad skincare products, environmental pollution and eating disorder. Exfoliating regularly (once or twice) a week will clean and clear your skin from oils and pollution. Avoid using strong or harsh scrubs, or the reverse will happen. Most soaps contain ingredients that can penetrate deeper into the skin to remove dirt.

3, Healthy Eating Habit

Eating coloured fruits and vegetables (bell peppers, watermelon, beetroot, carrots, pawpaw, berries, mangoes, etc promote healthy skin. They contain essential amino acids and vitamins. If you feel lazy to eat these fruits, try and get them in gummies or supplement.


Most skincare brands are taking advantage of the industry to promote anything they can cash on, rather than providing solution. Be on the look. learn to read product labels, be familiar with most of the listed ingredients. Avoid using too many products at the same time. Simple steps give perfect results. Wash your skin, Hydrate, Moisturise and mind your business.

Thank you for reading to this end. Share with other people how you keep your skin neat and even.

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