Shea butter is loved by many in my motherland, West Africa, Ghana. In the Northern part, almost all the women make shea butter to support their family.

It is widely used in cosmetics, skincare, lip care and more. But what you don’t know is we the local people can use shea butter in many ways.


Shea butter is widely used on newborn babies.

shea butter for babies

When a child is born, Shea butter is used for moisturising, healing (put on child’s head) to prevent hiccup (not sure how effective is this though)


Shea butter is inserted on the child’s anus (Please do your research well before trying that) to ease constipation on children and even adults. (i use it all the time), makes it easy and simple. SORRY IF YOUR’E EATING, YIKES!


Hair growth is a great concern to every African mother. To make sure the child has voluminous and shiny healthy hair, the mother uses shea butter to prevent dandruff, hair fall, etc


Raw Shea seed with a little butter

The shea seed is a magic one and definitely a gift from God to Northern Ghana. Due to the healthy and fat free in the seed, the women use it to cook for their family. it tastes healthy you may want to try, (But hey, make your research too if it’ll be good for you)


Beautiful brown skin

No one is going to live forever, nevertheless, it shouldn’t guarantee dull, crack and sagging skin.

Women in Ghana have used shea butter many years to promote healthy complexion. It’s most rare to see wrinkles on sixty (60) year old women. The reason being that they use shea butter.


Today, other nations and continents are trying to grow shea seed. Beware of those fake shea butter. It’s unnatural, unhealthy and maybe not approved.

There’s so much shea butter in Ghana. At the market place, the local women sell in from 2 cedi (less that 50 cents) to biggest size you may need. Be on the look and if in doubt, buy it from trusted person.

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Love, Abigail

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