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How to care for your skin during Christmas Eve

By Esther Attipoe

The skin is an important aspect or part of the body that needs to be taken care of properly because it is what represents as physically as humans and individuals.
A lot of people think that when it comes to taking care of your skin, you need huge sum of money which is not true.
In this blog, I’ll explain to you FIVE simple ways you can achieve a healthy complexion.

1)Exercise daily/regularly
Exercising your body enhances blood circulation which carries nutrient and oxygen to the skin.
It even skin tone and healthier and promotes new skin cells which ends up glowing your skin.
It is amazing to know that many people are of the view that exercising is only done to build the body or to loss weight but that’s not true because it does a lot more than just that.

2)Drink Water
Drinking of water helps to keep the body hydrated, gives the skin a healthy glow, refreshes it, maintains the elasticity of the skin and works on the skin from inside the body.
Those who drink lots of water are unlikely to battle with wrinkles and scars unlike those who do not take in lots of water.

3)Have enough sleep
The body is like a machine that needs rest after every day activities.
If the body does not have enough rest, its starts to affect the body through the skin.
The body produces new collagens when we sleep hence it is advice to sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours everyday.
This helps to restore and repair damage from Ultraviolet radiation (UV) which reduces wrinkles and age spots.

4)Eat fruits
Eating of fruits reduces inflammation and synthesizing collagen to nourish the skin.
Some fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelons and mangoes are best fruits for glowing the skin.
These has essential nutrients that plays an important role in the maintenance of the skin.

5)Use good skin care products
It is important that as we work on the skin from the inside, we take care of it from the outside too.
You can not take in good foods and engage in good daily habits to glow the skin while you damage it again from the outside with the use of unhealth skin care products.
The use of good skin care products such as the ones that contain natural ingredients with high concentration not the chemically made ones will help deal with pimples, wrinkles, heal skin pigmentation and all kids of skin problems.
It is good to always check what a product is made of before buying them for your skin.
Taking care of your skin helps you feel beautiful, gives you confidence, boosts your appearance in public and increase the level of your self esteem.
It might seem like a lot of work and time consuming for some people to actually take care of their skin but looking at the benefits, there is no doubt that its worth the time and dedication in taking care of your skin daily.

Thank you for reading to this end. Kindly share with us how you take care of your skin, Any suggestions? Email us at

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